Module ~ Dream Circle Study Group

Anna Razumovskaya

Dream sharing has been an integral part of many cultures, helping individuals to recognize the symbolic language in which our dreams speak to us. As Helena P. Blavatsky wrote: “Knowledge comes in visions, first in dreams …”. The interpretation of the symbols in our dreams, helps us to access this knowledge of the Spirit (Self) that speaks to us from our subconscious.

Participants bring a dream to each class session, and are prepared to present the facts of the dream, the life event that may have stimulated it and the emotions as felt within the dream and on awakening.  Discussion of the dream is then opened up to the other members who respond beginning: “If this were my dream …” and who then give their views of what the dream means. Dreams often reveal sensitive personal information. There is tacit agreement that the dreams of participants will not be discussed outside the group, and the dreamer may cut off discussion of his/her dream at any time.

Because of the interactive nature of this study group, participation is necessarily limited.  A new Dream Study Group can be  formed if there is enough interest shown by our members.  If you would like and are able to participate regularly, please email or otherwise contact The Halau directly with your interest.

From This Day Forward, Be More Loving … but how?

Our ability to experience love has nothing to do with getting love from someone else. We don’t need to be good enough or gorgeous enough in order to make love a dominant part of our daily experience. We are the only person who is responsible for how much love we experience in our lives.


So … take some time out today … each day … and get to know yourself a little better.  You might think you know everything about yourself, but chances are there are a lot of things about yourself that you have ignored or overlooked because they weren’t “important”.  Listen, and ask yourself how you are really feeling.  Get out some nice paper and a nice pen and share these real feelings, as if you were writing to a best friend.  Take this time to listen to yourself, and get used to the feeling.  Ask yourself:  what things are important to you that you are neglecting right now?


Take action to show love to yourself by honoring something that is important to you, even if someone else might not approve or think you deserve what it is that’s important to you.

As you go through the day, stop to remind yourself that you deserve respect and admiration, just for no other reason than that you deserve love. Let your heart open, and enjoy the feeling. This feeling can become a constant companion, and it becomes something we can share with the world around us.