Lee Holden ~ Modern Qi Gong Cheat Sheet

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This has been a massive week with a Himalayan-like range of high points, and because we shared so much information with you over the past few days, we thought you would appreciate having all of it together in one handy email.

If you noticed we took the liberty of calling it ‘The Qi Cheat Sheet’, so you can search for it in your inbox and any time to revisit any part of Qi 101.

We will be leaving the lessons up for you, so feel free to go over any of them again in the future whenever you wish. Maybe you want to review something you’ve seen before, or just want to see how you can get better results – now you can. Anytime.

But before we recap, we’d like you to think back to just a few days ago, when Qi Gong was perhaps a new and distant concept to you …

Something you had maybe heard of, or read about, but were more likely to find on an episode of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not than in your morning routine.

But now you know!

You’ve seen for yourself that there’s definitely something to it – after all – there’s a reason why it’s been around for over 4,000 years.

We started off Qi 101 with a very simple concept – getting you used to FEELING your Qi …

Here is your recap:


>>> Lesson 1 – Feeling your Qi

Consider this as your introduction to what Qi is all about. Lee has explained his story, how he discovered Qi, what Qi Gong did for him, and most importantly – what it can do for YOU.

You have learned:

* That your ‘Life Force Energy’ is called Qi and when it flows smoothly within your body, it revitalizes your immune system, nourishes your cells and activates your natural healing abilities.

* You can train your body to fight disease faster, and if you learn to work with your Qi you can even eliminate problems before they arise.

Qi Gong is an easy to follow practice, which at its core, cultivates Life Force Energy to help achieve healing and longevity.

* Apart of healing, Qi Gong has also other benefits – it gives you better sense of presence, sharpers your focus or greeters creativity.

* Lee’s way of teaching Qi Gong to new students involves taking them though 3 simple steps:

step 1 – FEELING your Qi; step 2 – ACTIVATING your Qi flow within your body and step 3 – LIVING your Qi though simple and fun daily routines to create long lasting results.

* You learned a simple exercise for FEELING your Qi within you (comes at 8 minutes of the video).


Then we took it up a notch in the second lesson – ACTIVATING your Qi

>>> Lesson 2 – Activating your Qi

This was perhaps Lee’s most popular lessons as it featured one of our favorite techniques! Filmed in the Santa Cruz Qi Center, Lee has shared with you the ‘Knocking on the door of life’ technique – one of Qi Gong’s most famous and beneficial exercises.

This is where you really start working with all that energy you discovered you had in lesson 1, and is a video we would recommend you revisit as often as possible.

You have learned:

* What are some of the meridian points on your body.

* You got to know your lower back energy points known also as Doors of Life points responsible for improving your blood flow, activation of your energy and vitality.

* The second set of energy points were the Lung Points, responsible not only for your lungs but also for your immune system.

* You got a map of these meridian points for you to download and keep.

Here is the direct link to it >>>

* You experienced the ‘Knocking on the door of life’ exercise (it comes at 1:20).

This lesson generated a HUGE number of comments. Take a look through them, see if you agree or disagree, and if you’re yet to do it – leave your own!

One of our favorite comments about this lesson came from Dorothy Bonenberger:

before I started exercise 2, I felt like I had pockets of energy stored in my body. To my surprise, after doing the exercise I felt the flow of energy throughout my body.

We can’t tell you enough how much it warms our hearts to see comments like this, and we sincerely hope that you had the same experience as dear Dorothy did.


The third and final lesson looked to serve as an almanac for all things energetic – LIVING your Qi

>>> Lesson 3 – Living your Qi 

Lee answers in numerous videos some of the most common questions we get on Qi, including how fast you can expect to see results, how to get started on a routine, how often you should practice and a lot more – including sharing some secrets like:

* That you can start getting results almost immediately! You should have felt something as early as lesson 1 that would have felt like a sense of calm and relaxation. That’s exactly what you’re looking for.

* When you get that feeling, the trick is to build on it and push it as far as you can. I share with you some stories of people who have done this to great effect, and reported benefits such as better general health and more positive energy.

* That it is not only about healing, there are other powerful side effects of Gi Gong too,  just as sharper focus and mental clarity.

* The difference between Tai Chi and Qi Gong. It is explained well in the Question 10.

* Finally, that there’s not much difference between you and a Qi Gong master, just that one is a little further along the journey than you are 🙂




Qi Gong Meditations with Lee Holden

Explore Qi Gong meditation with master Lee Holden. Learn how to combine meditation and Qi Gong.


The Morning Qi Ritual gives you a sense of deep inner peace, keeps you stress free throughout the day and gives you a boost of energy and vitality.  If you’re in a hurry, I’ve taken the best exercises from the Morning Routine and created a quick 10 minute version.

Lee Holden ~ Qi Gong Restores Your Life


An Ancient Technique That Helps Your Body Heal Faster,

Eliminates Fatigue And Feeds Your Energy

For An Entire Lifetime In Only Minutes A Day

For over 40 centuries, men and woman from the Far East practiced a self-healing method that was effortless, practical, and required very little time.

In fact, try this basic exercise below to see how incredibly easy it is. It takes less than five minutes to do.

Try this:

1.  Rub your palms vigorously until your hands feel warm (like you are creating a fire)

2.  Bring your hands down to your side and shake your lowers arms and wrists like an athlete would before an event. Shake for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

3.  Completely relax with your hands by your side and feel the energy circulating down your arms and into your fingertips.

Simple, easy, and effective.  Could you feel your Qi?

Without even breaking a sweat or changing into your workout clothes, you’ve already started to heal your body. When you do this exercise and others like it, this is what happens deep inside you:

Your life force energy circulates through your body, activating each cell. As you feel your life force energy, your mind connects to the present moment and you slip into total relaxation and calmness.

While all this happens you are actually meditating – it’s called Moving Meditation – with your mind and body.

As you become aware of your life force energy, it moves through your cells, travels through your nervous system and nourishes everything inside you. You will even feel the tingling and radiant sensations in your fingertips.

The Chinese Ancestors Called This Mysterious Life Force Energy… “Qi”
Qi is invisible. You cannot see it, but you feel its existence.

As It travels through your meridians—energy highways within your body. It beats with your heart, nourishes your muscles, and even gives rise to your consciousness.

The rest of the exercises are just as easy. The only “difficult” thing you’ll do is to relax and move slowly. No balancing on your head or standing on one foot.

Let your body move gracefully and fluidly – there’s no pressure on the joints – and your Qi flows and tones your vital organs. That’s how it revitalizes your body and builds your energy reserves.

Best of all, you don’t need any special equipment or place to practice. No Yoga mats, no exercise machines, no special safety equipment, and no fancy gym clothes necessary. You can do the slow exercise movements in any comfortable clothes and you don’t even have to sweat.

This is Qi Gong – “Qi” meaning energy and “Gong” meaning cultivation.

It’s easily the most cost-effective yet potent self-healing practice that exists today. Yet, so little is known about this breakthrough practice in the West. In order to appreciate the full potential of Qi Gong, I set out to study everything there is to know about this practice.

What you will discover will change everything you believe about alternative health and modern medicine.

Your biggest epiphany might be this — your Qi flows faster and deeper when your mind and body are relaxed.

It’s never about stretching the furthest, enduring the most pain, or performing every move to its minute perfection. In fact, the sole purpose of all the ancient practices is to circulate your Qi flow so your body can heal naturally.