Transcendent Experiences: How Neuroscience Explains the Mystical Mind | Big Think

Altered states of consciousness are documented across cultures, from shamans to Silicon Valley coders. As different as these experiences seem, there are four neurological features they all have in common.

Source: Transcendent Experiences: How Neuroscience Explains the Mystical Mind | Big Think

Metaphysics:  The Science of Smudging: How Sage Actually Cleans Bacteria In The Air | Spirit Science

The practice of smudging dates back to prehistoric times, and is still very much in use today worldwide for cleansing everything from dwellings to human spirits. However recent research has shed light on the popularity of this activity, revealing that burning certain plant matter actually clears harmful bacteria. All Western use of burning herbs and…

Source: The Science of Smudging: How Sage Actually Cleans Bacteria In The Air | Spirit Science

Meditation Breathing: Lokahi (Harmony) – The Breath of HA


This is my 4-count breathing exercise, which I perform after each of my radio shows. You see, there is method to my madness! There are 4 stages of 4 counts each:

1 – inhale, to the count of 4
2 – hold for 4 counts
3 – begin exhale, to the count of 4, and
4 – continue exhaling for 4 more counts

Perform in multiples of 3: 3, 6, 9, 12, 27, etc.

“Breath of Ha” – Life Force Mana – The Anatomy of the human body is comprised of five layers or coverings of the soul. These are layers of the body that vibrate at different electromagnetic energy frequencies, with the gross/physical layer carrying the smallest electrical charge and vibrating slowest. The layers gradually increase in size: the larger layers permeate the smaller ones, with the “bliss” layer carrying the largest (but most subtle) electrical charge of the highest vibration. The practice of lapa’au wisdom; Lokahi Breath of Ha Meditation and deep Breath of Ha Therapy involves all five layers of the individual’s soul. Observe and note that these layers of the soul are not the soul per se, but rather pertain to the eight energies and aspects of nature that spark life: the Five Elements (earth, air, fire, water, metal), mind, intellect and ego. The word “Ha,” also represents the number 8 (which is also the infinity symbol).

Repattern brain waves to Theta frequency, thus opening your Third Eye and enlarging your clairsentient experiences. Development of awareness that these five layers of the soul must vibrate equally and act to bring the soul into balance whenever necessary to create Lokahi (Harmony) in daily life and be Pono (in balance within physical/emotional/spiritual selves). Thus, practicing Lokahi Breath of Ha meditations and Breath of Ha Therapy can be rewarding and bring peace into a person’s life. With sincere focus and practice of these meditations and breathing skills, the mind gradually becomes awakened, enlightened and keenly aware. Thus, being in harmony with the environment allows a person to be Pono, that is, to be centered, achieve balance, within oneself; to be filled with harmony, happiness, peace and feel at ease in any situation. With Mana’o (mind) and Pu’uwai (emotions) under peaceful balanced control by Na’au (body) and ‘Uhane (spirit), a person can learn to appreciate her Na Keiki (inner children) and thereby reach states of higher consciousness.

Meditation:  Live At A Higher Level of Vibration | Lanakila

lana-feb2017Living and working froma higher level of vibration allows you to connect and create with the Universe. At the low levels of vibration all effort is directed to the physical. Our actions are focused on only what we can see and touch. But, as we learn to remove blockages and negativity, we begin to raise our awareness of possibilities. This can lead to tremendous power.

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Shamanism:  The Ancient Teachings of the Tibetan Bon | THE SHAMAN

The Bon religion exists , since the time when Nagas roamed the earth . This is how the Mahabharata describes the origins of the ancient spiritual tradition.

Source: The Ancient Teachings of the Tibetan Bon | THE SHAMAN

Keeping Your Magic Alive

Leo_by_ErebusOdora (1)

The most common reason that people lose their magical “mojo” is that they don’t practice daily rituals. Daily rituals provide regular contact with spirit guides and the Universe, and a good working relationship with these beings does improve chances of getting assistance in magical acts. Also consistent practice of regular magical rituals helps boost your magical force — every successful daily ritual adds magical force until your magical bank account is overflowing; but failing to keep in touch with your magical practice can leave you magically bankrupt!

As Above So Below
How much do you move your body? Many of us spend a great part of the day sitting and not moving. By the esoteric law of “As Above, So Below” each part of our being affects the other parts. So when you find yourself mentally stuck, moving your body helps get your mind moving. By this law, when we change one part of our being, every other part has to change to match it. So as you move your body, your mind and spirit move to match it. Understanding how this law works can help you transform every area of your life.

Slow Movement
Now that you see how moving your body can help get your mind and spirit moving too, you can also use this principle to control your mind when it starts running away with you. That means times when you start obsessing about something that happened during the day or incessant worry or just mind chatter that interferes with your inner silence or trying to meditate. In these cases when you get up and move your body, move it slowly. Walk across the room taking slow deliberate steps or slowly do some Tai Chi or yoga moves. Whatever type of movement you do, do it consciously and slowly, feeling all the sensations of your body moving and your breathing. This slowing down of the body will help slow down your mind so you can have some inner silence to hear your guides, higher powers and beings and your own inner wisdom. Regularly practice with moving your body slowly will help your mind slow down and stay more focused and help you get better sleep at night. The next time you’re feeling nervous or anxious, give this a try and magically help slow down your racing feelings and thoughts.

Give these techniques a try and add them to your magical toolbox.

A Simple Magical Ritual To Live Your Dreams

inner_outer_Isaac Gautschi
Creating Future Memories
Once we have put out to the Universe what it is we want, the Universe starts working on delivering it. Many manifestations don’t appear because either we aren’t ready to receive them or we get in the way somehow of them being delivered. Our job is to clearly state exactly what we want to have happen and then it is up to us to let it go and give the Universe room to work its magic and deliver. This is sometimes very difficult for people, especially those movers and shakers that believe they have to “do” something or be in control. One daily ritual you can do to help stay out of the way, build energy and force into what you are manifesting and let you feel like you are still playing a part is creating future memories. We usually think of memories as coming from past experiences, but you can also create memories of future events. By adding specific thoughts, emotions, and physical actions into memories we create, we make them real and create them in our lives. The more energy put into creating these memories, the greater likelihood of them manifesting in our lives.

We sometimes refer to this daily ritual as the “Pack Your Bags” ritual because if you are for example working on manifesting a great vacation for yourself, one of the actions you can do while waiting for the Universe to deliver is to pack your suitcase acting as if your dream vacation is already a reality. For this example, here’s how you would do the future memory ritual.

1. Sit in a quiet space relaxing your mind and body.

2. Envision the future situation as if it has come to fruition already. For this example you might see yourself on the beach reclining in a beach chair.

3. See as many details as you can – smell the ocean, feel the sand between your toes, experience the joy of relaxing with a cool drink taking in the spectacular view, and so on.

4. Sit this way for at least 3 minutes a day adding more textures, feelings and sensations each time.

You’ll find that the more time you spend creating these type of future memories, the faster they will manifest in your life. You can use this type of ritual for making changes to negative things in your life too. Just start envisioning the goal that you have not been able to accomplish and see yourself changing the actions you do. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, but can’t keep away from the cookies, see yourself starting to reach for the cookies and instead reaching for an apple or for the phone to call someone for support or getting up and going for a walk. Add in the sensations, sounds, emotions and as many details into the new memory as you can. Creating future memories gives you a way to influence and help create your own future magically.

Hawaiʻi Island ~ Home of Pelehonuamea and Ka ʻōhiʻa lehua

ohia_lehua_by_joeyartist-d63fn2gAloha oukou. ‘O Lanakila ko’u inoa. I kēia manawa, e huakaʻi ana kākou i ka Moku o Keawe, ʻo ia hoʻi ʻo ka mokupuni ʻo Hawaiʻi! ʻO ka mokupuni nui loa ia o nā mokupuni Hawaiʻi a pau. ʻO ka home ia o ka wahine ʻo Pele. ʻO Halemaʻumaʻu ka inoa o ka lua pele, ma Kīlauea. Ma luna aʻe o Kīlauea, aia ʻo Mauna Loa e noho mālie ana. He mauna loloa maoli nō ia ke nānā aku.

ʻO ka ʻōhiʻa kekahi kumu lāʻau e ulu ana ma ka nahele o Hawaiʻi nei. He lāʻau ʻoʻoleʻa kona i küpono no nā pou hale i ka wā kahiko. ʻO ka pua o ia kumu, he “lehua” kona inoa. He pua ʻulaʻula ia. ʻO ka pua lehua ka pua nani e kaulana nei ʻo Hawaiʻi. He uluwehiwehi maoli nō ka nahele i nā pua lehua!

(Iʻm talking about the Island of Hawaiʻi, Peleʻs home, and the flower attributed to Pele, the ʻōhiʻa that grows from the lehua tree …)

Photo on 2014-05-21 at 11.55

Hawaiian is magical in multidimensional ways, which is why I teach our students to wield their Mana through a Hawaiian lens.  With Japanese, Hawaiian is the only other language processed on the RIGHT side of the brain.  (Consider the implications there!)  That makes the sounds created by Japanese and Hawaiian words very special … and closest to the light languages of our star ancestors.  All reasons that our serious practitioners at The Halau focus their healing art around the Kotodama.  When you know how to work the energies, you donʻt need tools ʻcause you are THE tool!  All this is built into the Hawaiian language.  If you are interested in learning Hawaiian, contact me.   ~ Lana

Seminary ~ The Call

horus isis thothI come in the power of the Light;
I come in the Light of wisdom;
I come in the mercy of Light;
The Light has healing in its wings.

Per Ipsum, et cum Ipso,
et in Ipso Est Tibi Patris
Omnipotentis In Unitas Spiriti Sancti
Omnia Honor et Gloria.
Saecula Saeculorum.

gold sarcophagus
Inheritor of a dying world,
We call thee to the living beauty.
Wanderer in the wild darkness,
We call thee to the gentle Light.
Long hast thou dwelt in darkness.
Quit the night and seek the day!

Kabbalah ~ On The Term “Selem”

soul and magic

“Our first encounter with the term ‘selem,’ [image] of course, is in the narrative of man’s creation … ‘In the image of God He created Him’ (Gen. 1:26-27). The nature of this ‘image,’ though, is not sufficiently clear…The Kabbalists often introduce an additional verse, ‘For in the image man shall walk’ (Ps. 39:7), to show that the ‘selem’ is an integral part of man on earth. What then is the ‘selem’ in their conception. There is a basic assumption that two elements diametrically opposed by nature cannot exist together without some mediating entity. This also goes for the ‘nefesh’ [soul] and body…In Neoplatonic teaching and in ancient religions we find mention of an intermediary astral body; in the Kabbalah, the term ‘selem’ is borrowed to speak of the same idea. Thus we read in the Zohar: ‘When a man begins to consecrate himself before intercourse with his wife with a sacred intention, a holy spirit is aroused above him, composed of both male and female. And the Holy One, blessed be He, directs an emissary who is in charge of human embryos, and assigns to him this particular spirit, and indicates to him the place to which it should be entrusted…When the soul descends in order to enter this world…the holy image stands by it until it goes out into the world. When it does out into the world the image is summoned for it and it accompanies it and grows with it…And man’s days exist through the image, and are dependent on it.’ Thus the ‘image’ accompanies man all the days of his life … The ‘selem,’ then, is sometimes identified with a shadow accompanying man. In that sense, the ‘image’ constitutes the principium individuationis [principle of individuation], the individual and unique element in each person.”

– Moshe Hallamish in “An Introduction to the Kabbalah,” p. 274-275