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From our friend, Robert Whiteowl — Every morning for the next two weeks (14 days), the first thing you say out loud is “YES” (three times)”. This is a positive affirmation you begin your days with. It will draw anything that resonates with a “YES” resonance to you in all aspects of your life — family, finance, health, romance, social, whatever. Two weeks (14 days) is an honest try.

On Day 15, after the 14 days of saying “YES” every morning, say “YES” in the evening before you go to sleep. Say “YES” out loud in normal voice, then in a softer voice, then think it inside your mind. In effect, the first thing your brain tells your mind at night is a positive affirmation, and the first thing your mind tells your brain as it begins its day is a positive affirmation.

Thus, in a short period of time, you will reprogram your thinking such that everything will be drawn to your “YES” resonance vibration. Let me know what results you achieve from this exercise.


How To Transform Your Chaotic Mornings Into Something Worth Getting Up For


Transform your mornings from a hectic routine of chaos,

into a tranquil time for preparing to face the day.

I have a glass of water, start the coffee, then meditate. Then I enjoy the coffee, a good book, and the quiet before the dust and din and steam of the day begins. Then I write.

This is my Lovely Morning, and I get an inordinate amount of pleasure from it.

It wasn’t always this way: I used to wake later, rush through a grumpy routine before diving into email and work and errands and meetings. It was frenetic and dreadful, but that was my life, and I didn’t think it would change.

I was wrong. I’ve changed my mornings for the better, with a few simple ideas.

I’ll share them with you here, and if you begin to enjoy the peace of your mornings more, send a smile in my general direction.

Wake a little earlier.

If your mornings are rushed, the simple solution is to get up a bit earlier. This means going to bed a bit earlier too. Do it gradually, just 10 minutes earlier a week, and you’ll barely notice the change.

By Leo Babauta