I Ching ~ Week of November 24, 2014

#45  Ts’ui  ~  Gathering Together
#45 Ts’ui ~ Gathering Together

Above: Tui Lake
Below: K’un Earth

The Wisdom:
Bring hearts and minds together
There is a great task ahead
And it best done with love and community

To live a life well balanced and in harmony with the oneness it is a vital component in life to be of service.

To be of service to a group or a community you must be well prepared. For the good of all look to your thoughts and motivation and be sincere in your actions. If you are going into service so you will look good to others or it will allow you to mingle with a desired group, be cautious ,movement of that type will surely lead to a wounding that will be difficult to heal.

The time is coming when you will be called to a position of leadership, or perhaps that time has already arrived. In this position you will benefit by being prepared to lead without ego, with strength, sincerity, and dignity.

It may be within your family, your business, or personally, in your relationship or your spiritual journey, that you are being called to leadership. Your role is not to create a commonality of thought and action, but to encourage a strong individuality, remaining true to the highest good. In this way you will bring all parties together by combining individual strengths, which in turn will take you all toward a common goal for the greater good.

Do not lead by issuing orders
Or setting limits;
Rather, lead by encouragement,
Working together for
The common good.

In Sun Tzu’s (722–481 BC) The Art of War it is said that the greatest leader does not lead from the front of his troops; nor does he lead from behind. The great leader leads from within. It is in this way that the true power of a group, community, or relationship is actualized, and great things can be accomplished.

Achieving harmony in your projects with others or in your personal relationships is now required for prosperity to flourish. This is accomplished by adhering the actions that has the constituents of honesty, sincerity, and integrity.

Leaders who are well prepared,
When met
With ignorance or arrogance,
Maintain inner discipline
And are examples to all.

When people gather together it is natural that there will, at times, be conflict. Conflict creates energy. It is the task of the leader or head of the clan to convert the energy created by conflict into a positive force that can lead all concerned to the goal of love, abundance, completion, and success. To do this the leader must remain calm, devoted, and centered. This inspires the same in relationship, tribe, family, and community.

A great leader may not necessarily be recognized as a leader at the time. Leadership, according to this hexagram, can be achieved invisibly, without outward acknowledgement. By maintaining a correct attitude, egos are not challenged, and prosperity is assured.

Three true stories:

A lovely woman I know was telling me recently about an aspect of her work on a creative project that required collaboration with a crew of people with diverse skills and personalities. They were on a tight schedule and the project had to get done, and done right. She told me that as she drove everyone toward the goal of completion, she became intolerant, controlling, and angry. Though in the end the job came out very well, she said she didn’t like it that she had resorted to this kind of behavior. Afterward, even though the project had been completed successfully, everyone on the team felt badly about her behavior and the crew she assembled would never work with her again.

Many years ago I lived near a film director who had the reputation of being highly creative, with an eye like no other. This person could create emotion and a depth of feeling in his works that had gained him a great reputation. He was very successful and well paid, and many projects came his way. However, along with his reputation for being a skillful director, he also had the reputation of being disrespectful and demeaning to the people who were hired to collaborate with him on his various projects. At first, because the quality of his work was so extraordinary, his negative attitude and bad behavior was overlooked by the clients and producers who gave him his commissions, and for a while this person still got hired for the best and most profitable projects. But as time passed, this bad behavior was no longer tolerated, and so the commissions began to go to others. This man’s career eventually came to a standstill. He became dark and depressed; soon he was just the shell of a man. It was fear that destroyed him.

A man I know has been remodeling his home. He served as his own general contractor, hiring many workers, some highly skilled, others without developed skills. To those who were still learning their crafts he gave encouragement and advice, working alongside them. With the skilled workers he also worked side by side, without ego, and expressed his gratitude to them, complimenting them for their skills and their efforts. Recently at a dinner he told me the story of how, when it came time to pay his crew, the workers came to him and said, much to his surprise, that he was paying them too much and as he had not completed the project they offered to take less money and stay on the job to further help him reach his goal.

In the first two stories, the people in the leadership roles were not sensitive to the needs of others. Both of them had fear. Though they were conscious of their actions, they did not have the foresight to understand that strong and positive leadership must be combined with harmonious relationship; this is the correct way to behave. This attitude of correctness, had these two adopted it, would have led to everyone feeling good about themselves and their projects; it would have fed the souls of all involved. Work would have continued to come to the artist, and the woman in the first story would have experienced a priceless feeling of inner contentment and accomplishment.

In the last story, the leader handled the project and all those involved with it respectfully. The workers were satisfied and were able to do their jobs and be paid back in more than just monetary ways. This person did not have fear and had a balanced relationship with his ego.

Ts’ui gives the requisites for proper leadership that will lead to prosperity: on the road to abundance, satisfaction, and completion you will be challenged; meet these challenges with calmness and with the strength and attitude of the sage.

When it is your time to lead, do so with integrity and dignity. This is in harmony with the universal laws of attraction and abundance. Trust yourself.

Be love, teach peace.

Many Blessings




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