wild and free

You can get rid of all this insanity created by the past in you just by being a simple witness of your thought processes. I’m trying to get back to where I feel most centered … quietly surrounded by bird song (instead of noisy people), with real earth beneath my feet (rather than asphalt and concrete), sweet water (mostly) unfettered with Big Pharma and other waste, and tall trees that cleanse the air (instead of freeways and tall buildings) … I’ve had a very interesting time back here in California. A lot of good and “bad” experiences as well. One affirmation: treat all people as if they are part of your family because THEY ARE part of your family: one human family. People draw lines between people because they’re still judging and excluding, rather than accepting and including. No bueno. I want to live and to die as we all did before technology showed up. My aim in life is to sustain an inner peace dissociated from the ideals passed down from Babylon. I’d rather fully immerse myself in every experience, immersed in the newly amplified energies now engulfing this place we call Home, as opposed to daily existence in man-made fear and slavery. I disregard proof most of the time. My heart-intuition is my watch-guide. I don’t give a wit what you think I did or didn’t do. I choose a life wild and free as perceived through my one Eye … and that’s divinely living Creator’s game plan.

Wake Up

frequencies shift the unrecognized dormancy
to perceive a new sense of considerable normalcy
shown through the intimate encounters of an unseen self
do not continue to put it back on the shelf

know that these intricacies will dictate
all of which you might wish to create
that your thoughts emit a frequency
and you can consciously tune into the signal unseen

no matter what side you see, its just one side
no matter how much you think it means, its just one side
while implementations of our current mind-state
they directly affect your fate

in a mind conceived illusion
we are all used to being used
to create our own confusion
this is all just an illusion

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