Card of the Day – Knight of Pentacles – Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

The party is over!  Depending upon where you live, at some point in your day, the Moon which has been partying over the holiday in festive Leo, will move on into more serious and grounded Virgo.  Once this switch occurs, it is more likely you will feel like it is time to clean up, especially if your home was a happening place over the last couple of days.  The Leo Moon was great for celebrating, but now it is time to perhaps resume a somewhat more responsible routine.

The Knight of Pentacles is a very practical and meticulous fellow, very suited to this Virgo Moon.  He will insist on taking the time to do the job right; he stakes his reputation on it.  This is not a day for rushing into things; that will happen soon enough as we enter the New Year.  For now, regroup and organize your surroundings…

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Here’s How Much Water Your Body Needs to Lose Weight – Healthy Food House

The human body is made up of about 50-75% water, and water is responsible for numerous body functions, including the regulation of body temperature, lubrication of joints, digestion, the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, metabolism, and the protection of minerals and nutrients. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and […]

Source: Here’s How Much Water Your Body Needs to Lose Weight – Healthy Food House

Daily Words of the Buddha for December 25, 2018

Pāli Word a Day for December 25, 2018 — abhinata — bent towards, inclined towards

Attanā hi kataṃ pāpaṃ, attanā saṃkilissati;
attanā akataṃ pāpaṃ, attanāva visujjhati.
Suddhī asuddhi paccattaṃ:
nāñño aññaṃ visodhaye.

By doing evil, one defiles oneself;
by avoiding evil, one purifies oneself.
Purity and impurity depend upon oneself:
no one can purify another.

Dhammapada 12.165
Gemstones of the Good Dhamma, compiled and translated by Ven. S. Dhammika

Hau’ōli lā Pō’alūa – Mele Kalikimaka ‘oukou

Aloha kākahiāka kākou … hau’ōli lā Pō’alūa a me Mele Kalikimaka kākou. Hoihoi keīa nāni lā. Ōla Aloha. Ē Aloha. Hānu Aloha e Ōla Pōnō. A hui hou a me mālāma pōnō kākou.

Good morning, everyone … Happy Tuesday and Merry Christmas!  Enjoy this beautiful day.  Live aloha. Be Aloha. Breathe aloha and Live Righteously.  Take care of yourself until the next time we meet.

Daily Words of the Buddha for December 24, 2018

Pāli Word a Day for December 24, 2018 — ābhassara — shining, radiant

Dānañca, peyyavajjañca,
atthacariyā ca yā idha,
samānattatā ca dhammesu,
tattha tattha yathārahaṃ;
ete kho saṅgahā loke
rathassāṇīva yāyato.

Generosity, kind words,
doing a good turn for others,
and treating all people alike:
these bonds of sympathy are to the world
what the linchpin is to the chariot wheel.

Jātaka 20
Gemstones of the Good Dhamma, compiled and translated by Ven. S. Dhammika

Brand New Cancer Full Moon

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

December 22 @ 9:48 am PST/ 12:48 pm EST/ 5:48 pm GMT

Cancer North Node Astrology Tara Greene Sidney_Hall_Urania’s_MirrorCancerThe restorationist, Adam Cuerden, requests attribution

At Zero degrees CANCER, this Solstice Full Moon signifies a brand new cycle as well as a culmination as signified by the Full Moon. It is the Alpha and the Omega. O and 22 in the Tarot. Further connections to that too.

Cancer is a Cardinal Water Sign, governed by the Moon. This makes all Cancer Full Moons especially womblike. We unconsciously wish to return to the safety and total nurturing we felt within our mother’s wombs. This makes this a most feminine, pregnant, fertile, emotional, moody, sign of family, home, emotional security, children, nurturing, nourishment, and the unconscious, the womb, our memories and our mother lineages. 

Cancer rules the stomach and tummies will be especially sensitive during this Full Moon. Do be careful of what you eat. All your nerves will be…

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Card of the Day – Ace of Wands – Sunday, December 23, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

Change is in the air! Divine Inspiration abounds! Truth be told, the timing for all of this feels to be a bit off, poor timing if you will. Not much chance of creating those changes this week. But, that does not mean you still can’t be inspired. Write those great ideas down and keep them handy for the coming days.

It is more likely that you will feel delays for your changes. There is not much you can do about the holidays and all of the associated distractions. However, this does not mean you should not try, if indeed there is a possibility of trying. Let your passion burn bright now; do not worry, that flame will not go out before you have a chance to get things underway.

See you here tomorrow!

Source:  Barbieri Tarot

This card was last seen November 10, 2018

View the extended version on YouTube:

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Daily Words of the Buddha for December 23, 2018

Pāli Word a Day for December 23, 2018 — nirābādha — free from sickness or distress

Dhammena saṃharitvāna,
uṭṭhānādhigataṃ dhanaṃ,
tappeti annapānena
sammā satte vanibbake.

With one’s wealth collected justly,
won through one’s own efforts,
one shares both food and drink
with beings who are in need.

Itivuttaka 3.75
Gemstones of the Good Dhamma, compiled and translated by Ven. S. Dhammika

Tartaria had to be buried and obscured at all costs

Basically everything of what is included in our concept of history happened during the last 1000 years and almost no knowledge about life before 1400 has survived. A bit more is known about the time between 1400 and 1700. More is known about the time between 1700 and 1800. (Basic info bits and pieces on the Tartaria subject gathered from

Card of the Day – 9 of Cups – Saturday, December 22, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

Full Moon blessings, everyone! Today is our annual Full Moon in Cancer at 0°. You may remember me saying in November that the North and South Nodes are now in Cancer/Capricorn, respectively, therefore these are the signs where we will see Eclipses occur over the next eighteen months. We do now have an Eclipse season underway, at this Full Moon in Cancer, but this Full Moon is not an Eclipse. Two weeks from now there will be a Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5. Take note, the Moon is at home today. Over the next eighteen months, there will be a few twists and turns, putting you in alignment with a special kind of happiness.

As for our 9 of Cups, it is considered the wish card of the Tarot. Go ahead and make a wish, if you like. Today, though, it is more important to have an…

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Daily Words of the Buddha for December 22, 2018

Pāli Word a Day for December 22, 2018 — āpādaka — bringing up, taking care of, nurturing

Na jaccā vasalo hoti
na jaccā hoti brāhmaṇo.
Kammunā vasalo hoti,
kammunā hoti brāhmaṇo

One is not low because of birth
nor does birth make one holy.
Deeds alone make one low,
deeds alone make one holy.

Sutta Nipāta 1.136
Gemstones of the Good Dhamma, compiled and translated by Ven. S. Dhammika

Current Events || Female chief in Malawi breaks up 850 child marriages and sends girls back to school

Theresa Kachindamoto, the senior chief in the Dedza District of Central Malawi, wields power over close to 900,000 people… and she’s not afraid to use her authority to help the women and girls in her district.  […]

Winter Solstice 2018

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Capricorn fine art Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene

Capricorn energy. Siberian Charcoal drawing by Napoleon Brousseau 

Capricorn energy starts December 21st @ 2:23 pm PST/ 5:23 pm EST/ 10:23 pm GMT as Sun enters Capricorn. The Sun sits directly over the Tropic of Capricorn on this day. This is what Tropical western astrology is all about.

Its Capricorn time/ The Devil #15 in the Tarot is here. Capricorn is Feminine earth. Ruled by the ringed planet Saturn. 

The Winter solstice/YULE to Pagans is the shortest day of light in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere where summer begins.

This important cardinal event marks the beginning of one of the 4 seasons a major Gateway in the year. Our ancestors celebrated the death and rebirth of the Light from before the beginning of recorded time.

December 21 is the longest night of 2018 this is the most feminine night. The dark is the…

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Health and Wellness || Eat One Of These 5 Doctor-Approved Breakfasts Daily To Protect Your Heart

Plus, they’re delicious.  A 1,000-mile journey on your plant-based diet begins with a single step, and, for many, conquering breakfast is that first step. Starting the day with a nutritious and filling meal free of animal products may be enough of a change from something you have been grabbing at the gas station or coffee shop to keep you focused on moving forward to manage lunch, dinner, snacks, and travel. Here are five of my favorite morning meals that are simple to make, delicious, nutritious, and all plant-based.  […]

Source: Eat One Of These 5 Doctor-Approved Breakfasts Daily To Protect Your Heart

Card of the Day – 4 of Wands – Friday, December 21, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

54-four of wands-web

‘Tis the season! This makes twice in one week we have seen a card of celebration. It stands to reason, with so many already on extended holiday, and the many types of get togethers taking place. This goes beyond actual parties. Yesterday was said to be the biggest travel day of the season, giving way to hanging with your tribe today, and in the days to come.

If you are sitting there saying that you have no one with whom to celebrate, you are not alone. However, today, we celebrate the glorious entrance of the Sun into Capricorn at the time of the Winter/Summer Solstice. Who doesn’t celebrate the Solstice? Here in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the shortest day of the year, meaning the least daylight, followed by the longest night. For me, this is one of my favorite days, because I know over the next six months that…

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