Astrology | Saturn Turned Retrograde Today

Saturn, one of the most feared and dreaded cosmic influences, has just joined Jupiter & Pluto in retrograde, and will be churning up everything in its path—remaining in this position until September 18th 2019.

The biggest difference between Mercury and Saturn retrograde is that Mercury seems to be non-stop, throwing one thing after another in our direction, leaving us in a confused, bewildered state. In contrast, Saturn can be an immensely positive influence, if we open to it, as it occurs over a longer period of time and offers clarity and wisdom to situations that we have previously failed to make sense of. Fortunately, Saturn also brings to a halt much of the chaos and drama that Mercury dragged in.

This wise and disciplined planet in retrograde offers us the opportunity to dive deep and soul search so we can process exactly what has been happening in our lives and most importantly, why.

Saturn is the furthest planet from Earth that is still visible to the eye, and as it is at the edge of what we can see in our solar system, it also brings into play boundaries, limits, and our ability to see only what’s in front of us.

This means that the retrograde is going to challenge us and throw us out of sync—we’ll be pushed to look beyond the visible and take notice of what we have previously turned a blind eye to, or not believed in, simply because we haven’t chosen to “see.” This could mean that people we’re in relationships with are unmasked, and veils come tumbling down as we begin to see things for what they actually are rather than what we wanted them to be.

This is where our intuition is called upon—we are reaching a stage in our lives where we know there is more behind every interaction and situation we find ourselves in, but we haven’t had the faith to trust ourselves. Instead, we only trust what we see at face value, leading us to be lied to, manipulated, controlled, and deceived.

During this retrograde, we may also notice that we’ve placed invisible boundaries or walls around ourselves in an attempt to fit into tiny, cramped boxes that other people, or society, created for us, particularly concerning our romantic relationships. Instead of listening to other people’s definitions of who we are and what our relationships should look like, we will throw off the shackles and determine for ourselves our skills, talents, and capabilities, thus recognising that we are divine beings with limitless possibilities.

Saturn orbits the sun so slowly that it shows us patience, control, tolerance, persistence, surrender, and composure, and how commitment and perseverance can pay off.

However, when this planet is in retrograde, each of these qualities will be tested so our intentions and motivations are questioned—all for a good cause. This means we might find ourselves impatient and desperate to control other people and our surroundings, and we may end up losing all control, have meltdowns and tantrums, and want to quit and throw away everything—including relationships, friendships, and careers.

Again, this is just a shake-up that allows us to clearly see who and what matters to us. What it highlights for us can help determine whether we’re placing our energy in the right areas and if all our loyalty, dedication, and faithfulness are truly worth it.

Saturn retrograde is likely to have stages that feel unrelenting and destabilising, as it is all about learning from past mistakes, so it asks us to revisit them. We can only move forward when we understand why we put ourselves in certain situations or become emotionally involved with people who we weren’t meant to be with long-term.

This can be quite painful to go through.

But, it is a much needed cleansing phase of our lives, a necessary healing detox process that allows us to purge and let go—and also a period to take slowly, to not rush through so we avoid making the mistake of returning to whatever (or whoever) has caused us harm.

While Saturn is known as the planet of karma and discipline, this is not considered a negative trait, as all cosmic placings happen in order that we achieve a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us, and to serve our highest good.

Karma, in my belief, is self-gifting or self-punishment – we are responsible for the energy we give out, and, with a few twists and turns, that energy returns back to us. We can alter our karma at any time by changing our energetic frequency, so that the vibration we are emanating is sending positivity, love & warmth to those around us and out to the world. This begins when we first offer these qualities to ourselves, then we will naturally radiate them outwardly.

During this retrograde we will learn more about controlling and managing our karma simply by staying aware of how our actions affect ourselves and those around us, both positively and negatively.

If we feel terribly guilty because we have said something out of turn to someone, our vibrational energy will be lowered and we will find that we then attract a similar low-vibrational person or event, which confirms exactly how guilty or apologetic we feel about it. Rather than perceiving this as a negative, we can see it as an opportunity to resolve the karma by placing positive where negative once was, and even better, resolving the original misunderstanding or conflict.

When we feel genuinely sorry for our actions and make amends for our behaviour, the low vibration dissipates and is transmuted to a positive, forgiving, compassionate high vibration that goes on to attract an abundance of similar loving and accepting high-frequency vibrations.

Whenever we try to deny our role in something that has gone wrong, or if we attempt to blame someone else for our situation, it lingers inside us and causes irritable, painful, and uncomfortable sensations. These sensations then play out in our daily lives by showing us similar situations until we are forced to do something about them. If we try to deny the energy we have sent out, we will then repress the associated energy.

Karma is intrinsically linked to consciousness, so if we are absolutely aware of the energy we send out, we will also be aware of the cause and effect of it too, and be in a position to redeem ourselves when we go off course by accepting our role and making the alterations necessary to reroute.

This means that not only are we authentic through rectifying any difficulties we have caused, either to ourselves or others, but we can also learn from them so we don’t keep behaving in ways that create the same errors and disruption time and again.

While it isn’t always easy to own our negative behaviour, if we don’t, we might self-punish by attracting negative karma, and we may feel miserable, unhealthy, and even lonely—as we either isolate ourselves through guilt, or others keep their distance.

During Saturn retrograde, karmic attraction is heightened, meaning that whatever we have been putting out there is going to be returned in magnitude. This is a majorly positive period for those who have been living compassionately with good intentions, and those who have been trying hard to break old and harmful patterns of behavior. It will be an extremely healing period where the positive vibrations that have been radiating over recent months will be returning 100 fold. For those who have dedicated their time and energy to good causes, or focusing on social missions and life purposes, these next few months will be the time when blessings will come in abundance and rewards will flow in.

If there have been situations that we know that we haven’t been our best selves in,, we can ease any karmic payback by choosing now to recognise where we have fallen short, and to make amends where applicable. Being authentic in our dealings and willing to take accountability and resolve issues as they arise, or better, taking action before they become issues, ensures our karmic footprint is one that won’t be a concern during this retrograde, and even if we have previously taken a wrong path or two, we can turn the energy around by taking responsibility and ensuring our apologies or future behavior rights any wrongs.

Overall, Saturn retrograde shows us how to look closer at everything we have experienced, and urges us to do so without rushing the process so that lessons can be learned and mistakes no longer repeated.

It helps us to understand that when we have gone through traumatic and painful periods in our lives, it is vital to show compassion to ourselves, which means moving slowly and with great care so our emotions, thoughts, and feelings are validated and heard.

It also teaches us how essential it is to be aware of how we speak and act within personal exchanges, and to remain aware and accountable for the energy we bring into every interaction, as energy lingers and will return to us—keeping us aware of the ripple effect of our words and actions.

In doing so, we become more empathetic, kinder, thoughtful, and overall compassionate, conscious humans—the best versions of ourselves possible.

If we aren’t willing to attune to cosmic energy and pay attention to what this retrograde offers, it is likely we will remain stuck in old ways, repeating similar mistakes, attracting challenging circumstances and relationships of all kinds, and wondering why life continuously feels like groundhog day.

It is our choice: awaken our consciousness, blossom, grow, and shift our lives forward, or remain asleep, hiding in the soil, feeling triggered and unfulfilled, acting from our subconscious, and refusing to see the light.

Whatever we choose, know that for every energetic action there is a reaction. We can make it positive or negative simply by remembering that whatever we give out to the universe will be returned in abundance.

Overall, Saturn is one of the most transformational and majorly influential planets while in retrograde, and if we welcome the guidance it offers then by the end of this retrograde our lives will be flowing exactly as we’ve been hoping for. Good things are on the way. It is vital now to pay attention to the energy we are putting out there, and to watch in amazement at how the Universe blesses it & returns it.

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