Hoodoo magic with playing cards


This week Aradia Academy has opened registration for the Read Like the Devil series of foundation courses focussing on the Playing Cards module, a series that is taught by The Janitor, Bent Sørensen, this time around. He will present 6 video lectures based on my Playing Cards volume of the Read like the Devil trilogy of textbooks.

For fun I here share some of the specialised material he has decided to add to the course. This is one of 5 essays he offers on an adapted use of hoodoo and folk magic together with playing cards. In Bent’s own words:

“In these essays I’ll be working through Professor Charles Porterfield’s book: A Deck of Spells: Hoodoo Playing Card Magic in Rootwork and Conjure. These are not my native traditions by any means, so I’ll be looking at them as an outsider, and as someone who is used to different…

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