Aloha Spirit Is About Acceptance


One of the most respected living Kupuna/Elder in Hawai’i Nei is Aunty Mahealani Kuamo’o-Henry, Kumu ‘Elele o Na Kupuna. According to Aunty, and contrary to Off-Island (mis)interpretation, the Hawaiian word ho’oponopono means Acceptance … not the New Age rubbish of “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.”

In Acceptance, you Surrender by releasing the grip that is your Ego and make no judgments because All Are One. This is the message brought to us through Ka Lei Aloha I Na Kupuna … our beloved teachers of The Way … what we at The Halau know to be the Way of Aloha Spirit.

The Kupuna elders taught that when the heart and mind work together, we LIVE ALOHA. Knowledge and wisdom are found in ALOHA. Aloha starts within ourselves. The key to aloha is to apply it in your heart, then your mind and finally BE Aloha. These are the defining traits of character that express the charm, warmth and sincerity that are the People of Hawai’i. It is this working philosophy that has been presented as a gift to the people of our world. As you will come to know walking with The Halau here, Aloha is more than just a Word. It is the very Heart of Who We Are.